Business as usual

The impact of Coronavirus on the Construction Industry


Since the Coronavirus (COVID-19) emerged, there has been an immense impact on the global economy, especially within the construction sector.

With supply chains majorly disrupted, workplaces are having no option but to shut and isolate construction sites. All factors prove how hard the Construction Industry has been hit by the pandemic.

That being said, with the government urging construction workers to return to work, fewer workers are now on furlough, and projects are starting to recommence.

Business as usual

With this in mind we thought we’d let you know that business is as usual for us, we have plenty of products in stock, and deliveries are still going out to customers along with continued deliveries from our suppliers and supply chain.

It’s crucial to us that we continue to provide you with the most innovative, high-performance, yet cost-effective solutions, which we promise to provide you on-site.

The safety of our employees and staff are of great importance. With this in mind we’ve adapted our processes in order to make the workplace as safe and hygienic as possible, whilst keeping customers safe too!

If you do have any project requirements, with the demand for any Temporary Access and Ground Protection Mats, Waterfilled-Barriers, Road Safety Barriers, Site Demarcation, Platform Edge Protection along with PPE products such as Face Masks and Hand Sanitiser and Disinfectant then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We’re all in this together and will get past this uncertain time. We wish you all the best, stay safe.

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In the meantime, we have invested in some fancy technology and now have a site drone, to tour you around and give you updates.

See below a snapshot of equipment loaded and to be delivered off to one of our valued customers!