Vinci Facilities Ltd raised floor for scissor lift operation

Recently, Vinci Facilities Ltd purchased some EuroTrak HD Heavy Duty Access Mats from us.

Project Requirement

This was for the use on an existing raised floor within a warehouse. The mats provided extra weight protection for the scissor lift and other machinery which was operating on this raised floor.

The Problem

A raised floor was desired after the customer installed an archive roll along with racking, within the warehouse.

With the raised floor having a point loading capacity of 500kg this meant that the existing floor could become damaged when their scissor lift was in use. This was due to the fact that the scissor lift weighed in excess of 1.5 tonnes.

The customers decision

As a result, the manufacturer of the raised floor recommended using a 25mm plyboard. This would enable the flooring to cope with the weight of the scissor lift.

The customer disagreed with this proposition and wasn’t happy with using plyboard. They knew that this could break down over time!

Although the customer declined the manufacturers suggestion, extra protection was still required for their project. This is where our EuroTrak HD Heavy Duty Access Mats became an option for the customer. This proved to be a much better alternative than standard plywood due to it’s longer life span and ability to withstand and disperse weights of up to 60+ tonnes.

The Outcome

The EuroTrak HD Heavy Duty Mats have proven to provide Vinci Facilities Ltd with the solution they were looking for!

“We’re now in a position where the scissor lift can be used, to carry out the routine maintenance tasks required and are extremely happy with the performance of the EuroTrak HD Heavy Duty Access Mats.”‘

~ Rob Green, Maintenance Manager, Vinci Facilities Ltd

Our EuroTrak HD Heavy Duty Access Mats are most commonly used to provide a source of Temporary Access and Ground Protection. Ideal for both short and long term projects, providing access for plant and machinery, but also work personnel and the public.

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