Elite GSS open a new depot in Manchester!

Elite has invested in a large new depot and factory space at Entwistle House in Middleton, following a move away from their previous factory in Manchester.

Growth within the past Year

It’s been busy and exciting where we’ve grown the business, employed more staff and invested in our vehicle fleet. See if you can spot one of our striking elite group vehicles on the road! Even better, our little monkey mascot accompanies our Elite Timber Supplies vehicle driver on every journey (for over 10 years!)


We relocated at the start of the year to a headquarters location where everything is now central, improving workflow, delivery, and the service that we can offer to customers and the industry in such challenging market conditions.

The move was a big step for us and allowed us to strengthen the team’s collaboration and smooth the workings of operations. Along with more storage space for our range of products and additional room for expanding the business!

Manufacturing abilities

Earlier this year, we broadened our manufacturing abilities to develop for net-zero carbon use within the automotive sector and to help the environment. Read more about that here!

New depot

Most recently, Managing Director Kris Heard saw the need to relocate our factory in Manchester to another nearby location to push the business further. It has also allowed us to cover more of the UK by expanding to the local area.

On the factory premises, there is also an office with some of our newest staff. This will allow us to offer more job opportunities in the area as we continue to grow!
We’ve now got offices around the country with multiple points to offer a collection service, making our service competitive.


Why not take the opportunity to visit our new depot and see what we have to offer, whilst having a brew and talking to a member of our friendly team. We offer a wide range of services to construction, civil engineering, event, leisure companies and more!

We’re trying to push awareness of our wide range of products over the upcoming months and the fact that we can provide an overall solution for temporary access and safety on-site. Having multiple depots will be a good place to start for achieving this.

The future and our group of companies

“This year we’ll continue to grow and invest further in equipment and depots across the country, this includes covering the South West, Scotland and also expanding into Europe. As a group of businesses we’re extremely lucky to have such a brilliant team, one that works well together, helps and supports each other and genuinely enjoys what they do and the culture we’ve created. I have no doubt that this year will be another record year, with many more exciting and fun times ahead” – Kris Heard, Managing Director of the Elite group of companies.

The Elite group of companies lies in the heart of Elite GSS Ltd, a multi-award-winning company and a member of the East Anglian Festival Network and MultiMatts, which both are part of the CPA and Constructionline gold members. Elite Timber Supplies is the newest addition that is PEFC® and FSC® certified!