Elite TrenchCross® and Anglian Water

What is the Elite TrenchCross®?

Through advanced research, design, and engineering, we developed the Elite TrenchCross® Trench Cover. Manufactured with a steel-reinforced honeycomb structure and to meet all requirements and regulations within the construction sector in Europe.

The Elite TrenchCross® provides safe, work and public access whilst working over and around deep excavations and open trenches.  Further, the system allows for temporary access of light-medium weight vehicles, through the systems hardwearing and non-slip traction surface.

In the past, contractors and retail companies have found that existing products cost too much. Not only that, but they will also crack and break, and even delaminate within a short period.

Our skill combination of engineering and recycled plastics has led to the release of the Elite TrenchCross® Trench Cover, which is the most superior product on the market to date.

Elite GSS Ltd always prioritises the utmost safety, and here, additional safety features are made available for the Elite TrenchCross®, such as; edge protection railings and high-visibility strips.


Elite TrenchCross® and Anglian Water

The system was supplied by one of our partner companies to a contractor at Anglian Water.

Anglian Water required over 1000 Elite TrenchCross® systems to be used whilst essential utility refurbishments took place throughout Central London.

For this project, our Elite TrenchCross® allowed contractors to work whilst still providing safe pedestrian access over excavations so homeowners could access their homes and driveways.


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