Event Partnerships 2021

Event Partnerships Summer of 2021

During this year’s summer event season, Elite GSS Ltd has been working around the clock to build partnerships with several valued and well-established organisations, all of whom are key customers for our business.

These partnerships have allowed us to provide an extensive range of non-mechanical plant and equipment to event sectors around the UK, maintaining safety for event companies to reach their project deadlines without fail, whilst saving on costs and labour. Some of the key items used by our partner companies and during the event season have been products such as Fencing, Barriers, Crowd Control, Matting, Trackway and Hand Sanitising Stations.

Our choice of partnership is based on similar values for shared accomplishment and creating exceptional customer experiences through joint expert knowledge.

Events and equipment

Events that we’ve supplied to during this time include Boardmasters, Latitude, Green Man, Car Fest North and South, Donnington and Balloon Festival Bristol with many more planned for the upcoming Christmas season.

Most are extremely large festivals and event organisations within the UK. Each in turn has contributed and allowed us to supply a variety and large quantity of equipment such as 10,000 Fence sets and 6,500 sets of Crowd Control Barriers, as well as our wide range of Plastic Barriers, Pedestrian Walkway and Portable Trackway products. Not only that, but we supply front of stage Matting and Barriers now too!

At this stage, Elite GSS Ltd humbly announces that we’re a fully-fledged event supplier, as such and during our first event season this has seen us invest £500,000 worth of products and materials to be on hire and to help support our partner companies!

Did you know that we’re now also a member of the East Anglian Festival Network (EAFN)?

The EAFN is a directory that brings local event organisers, suppliers, and traders together to form a community allowing the fantastic East Anglian Festivals and Carnivals to take place within the UK!

Find out more about the network by visiting their website at https://eafn.co.uk