Keep moving with EuroTrak HD Mats

With the winter months rapidly approaching, our Ground Protection Matting range provides the perfect solution in protecting soft or sensitive ground.

Our EuroTrak HD Heavy Duty Access Mats were the perfect solution for one of our long term partners who required a temporary access road and turning pad for a mixture of heavy duty plant and machinery up to 40+ tonnes.

Over 100 mats were installed in a single day whilst also using a layer of geotextile for added stabilisation, this also reduces any mud and dirt from coming up through the mats. With each mat at a size of 2.4m x 1.2m x 15mm and 44kg these are an easy to use and install system.

The EuroTrak HD heavy Duty Access Mats also have a high profile traction surface on one side for vehicles with the other side being pedestrian friendly for multiple applications.