Platform Edge Protection Project

Platform Edge Protection Project, Story Contracting Ltd

Earlier this year, an article was released on our website explaining the great investment we have seen since the release of our Platform Edge Protection.

A fantastic company that currently has our leading-edge innovation on hire, is Story Contracting Ltd, an award-winning and reputational infrastructure company.

Feedback on the Platform Edge Protection Project.

So far, for all projects with Story Contracting Ltd, we have received nothing but positive feedback.


platform-edge-protection-project-story-contracting-ltd-jan“Excellent product that is easily assembled and dismantled to minimise delays to productivity in an industry where every minute is important. An innovative form of Edge Protection for the rail infrastructure sector that I will use on all future jobs with a platform interference”.

Declan McFadyen,

Project Agent at Story Contracting Ltd.


This system has been specifically developed for the safety of workers and the public on railway platforms, virtually eliminating the risk of falling from platforms and coming into conflict with a moving plant or train.

Our Platform Edge Protection has been approved and tested to European Standards and prevents serious injury or even death.

The effect Covid-19 has had on many projects

effect-coronavirus-has-had-on-projects-this-yearUnfortunately with the Coronavirus this year, it has taken a huge impact on the delay of many projects within industries such as; construction, infrastructure, rail, and many more.

With COVID-19 restrictions in place, it has become difficult for projects to be carried out.

However, with necessary health and safety measures in place, the Story Contracting Ltd team at Horden Station was able to continue working on site.

Feedback provided by the team working at Horden Station was extremely positive and the Platform Edge Protection was highly recommended.


platform-edge-protection-project-story-contracting-ltd-horden-station“This is the first time we have used the PEP system, myself, and the workforce found it to be very quick and easy to install. Once fixed into position it gives a tidy area for the guys to work behind. Going forward where the system can be used on our sites, I would most definitely recommend it as we have always used other forms of edge protection/fall arrest systems. There has been no negative feedback from the operatives working behind or installing it.”

Ashley Widdop, Project Agent at Story Contracting Ltd.


We continue to work with Story Contracting Ltd and are excited to update you with any developments and positive feedback that we receive during the hire of the Platform Edge Protection.

Should you wish to find out more information on our Platform Edge Protection, please read here.

Furthermore, should you require any protection on site in regards to Face Masks, Hand Sanitisers, Disinfectant, or even Social Distancing Signage within the upcoming weeks, please do not hesitate to contact us.