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As a part of the Elite Group of companies, we present you with Elite Timber Supplies Ltd.

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To help with your project improvements, we strive to provide high-quality solutions at the most competitive prices.
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Plywood and Sheeting Materials


We stock a variety of Plywood and MDF Sheets that are available to take away immediately.


The 2003 edition of EN 636 retains the designations -1, -2, and -3 from the previous three-part standard to represent dry, humid, or exterior conditions of use.

  • Dry conditions: for interior applications with no risk of wetting, defined in use class 1, with a moisture content corresponding to environmental conditions of 20°C and 65% relative humidity.
  • Humid conditions: for use in protected exterior applications as defined in use class 2, with a moisture content corresponding to environmental conditions of 20°C and 85% relative humidity.
  • Exterior conditions: for use in unprotected external applications, as defined in use class 3, where the moisture contact will frequently be above 20%.



Elite Timber Supplies also supply anything from Sawn Timber for construction and Treated Timber to Wooden Sleepers, CLS Timber, and more!

We buy only C24 Graded Premium Structural Timber as it offers greater strength than C16 Timber, allowing higher loads and wider spans.

Not only that but, it’s also better quality as it can take up to 50% longer for these timbers to grow, meaning that they have more growth rings.

Tanalised timber is pressure impregnated with the latest Tanalith Wood preservative. This has the ultimate long-term protection against wood decay and insect attack, wherever the timber is to be used. This gives the treatment a green colouring which shows it has been treated and to be used in the most correct way.


Create a space where you can entertain guests on long, summer evenings and completely transform the look of your garden with our assortment of decking. Both Timber and Composite decking are available.

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