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Elite GP-Flex® is the new generation of grass protection mesh supplied by Elite Ground Support Services Ltd.

Whilst our previous grass protection mesh proved to be one of the most robust and reliable solutions in the world for protecting grassed areas from pedestrians and vehicle damage. Elite GSS Ltd identified a need for developing these products further to include an improved element of slip resistance and flexibility, the result being Elite GP-Flex®.

Elite GP-Flex® has been tested for slip resistance to BS 7976-2 and when tested along with other grass protection meshes, it showed an improvement of over 33% in comparison.

Elite GSS Ltd manufacture Elite GP-Flex® using a unique method of extrusion (patent pending), enabling us to incorporate a slip resistant surface and by re-designing the profile, we have made the mesh more flexible enabling quicker installation.

Elite GP-Flex® is available in three grades:
1000 gram m2, 1400 gram m2, 1800 gram m2


  • 1000g: Suitable for pedestrians, wheelchair access, occasional car use such as temporary car parks or access.
  • 1400g: Suitable for occasional use of light commercial vehicles, caravans and 4×4’s
  • 1800g: Suitable for occasional use of HGV’s access routes for fire engines and refuse trucks.

The above uses are given as a guide only. Elite GSS Ltd strongly recommend that you contact us first with your specific requirements in order for us to advise accordingly, however it should be noted that in all cases the ground should be firm and well drained and the individual ground conditions will determine the suitability for using a grass protection mesh.


If you’re looking for an alternative option, see the Elite TrackGuard.