Road Safety Week 2023

Road Safety Week 2023 (19th – 25th November)

Run by Brake, the road safety charity

We all drive too fast sometimes… perhaps because we’re in a rush to get somewhere, or we’re unaware of the speed limit.
Maybe we didn’t notice that our speed had crept up.
Sometimes people speed because they enjoy driving fast or because there aren’t many other vehicles on the road.

Across your community, you can explore why we speed, whether we consider it a crime and what would stop us from doing so.

road safety week 2023 - we all drive too fast sometimes

Start a conversation about road safety awareness?

Ask yourself and others these questions, to learn more or teach someone something new about staying safe on our roads
  • Have you ever driven above the speed limit?
    Did you get caught? If so, what were the consequences?
    What advice would you give yourself as a driver now?
  • Why do we speed?
    Why do we think it’s ok just this one time? Or on this road?
    What would you say to someone who crashed into you while speeding?
  • What stops us from speeding?
    Think of the times when you’ve found yourself speeding, what made you slow down?
  • What do we mean by speeding?
    Is it just over the limit? Or driving too fast for the road conditions?
  • If we speed because we want to get somewhere faster, is the increased risk worth it for the amount of time we actually save?
  • Do you see speeding as a crime?
    Do you think of yourself as a law-breaking criminal?
    How about if you consider that five people die on roads every day and one in four fatal crashes is caused by speed?
  • Would you ask someone to slow down if they were going faster than the speed limit?
    How about if they were within the speed limit but you still felt they were going too fast?
    If not, why not?
  • What are roads like where you live?
    Does traffic move too fast?
    Would you like the speed limit on your local roads to be lower?
    Would slower traffic encourage you to walk or cycle more?
  • How does fast traffic make you feel?
    Is it noisy or smelly? Does it make you feel unsafe?
  • Do you understand the science of speed?
    Did you know that speed, stopping distances and risk of injury are all related?
  • Does your vehicle have safety features that can help you keep within speed limits?
    Many cars on the road are equipped with safety measures that can help us to limit speed and react quicker with stopping distances. Do you know how to use them?

Take part in Road Safety Week?

Across your community, you can explore why we speed, whether we consider it a crime and what would stop us from doing so.

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