Used/Second Hand

We’ll always have a variety of solutions for you!

We don’t just stop with one or two services. Projects and timeframes can often change, so we cater for those occasions.

By expanding our choice with Used/Second Hand equipment, it still gives variety to those who are budget conscious. Sometimes a brand new product isn’t necessary when the job is dirty, therefore we provide a cheaper option of quality products that are cleaned for reuse.

Used/second hand service

How about the same levels of performance as new products, at a fraction of the cost?

If you’re project doesn’t require brand new equipment, for example they’re required at a mucky site, then we’d suggest reusing or buying second hand – you’ll get value for money too!

Be assured that all our used items are checked and graded* for sufficient quality and an extensive lifespan so they can be used again and again.

* Products are sold as seen/described when purchased

vis-track heavy duty access mat temporary access ground protection vehicle closeup


Recycle with second-hand products, almost as good as new

We’ll often have items available for second-hand, from customers who no longer require the equipment.
Our specialist team inspect against a set of criteria, in which the items are quality checked and cleaned to be filtered into second-hand goods.

  • Quick return on investment
  • Variety of used mats, barriers and event flooring
  • Grade A or Grade B for superficial marks

Please contact us to ask about what we may have available for the time of your requirement.

We can also buyback on all projects

Additionally, we can buy back what you’ve already bought from us!

Let us take them off your hands with a buyback agreement, that saves you from extra shipping costs and wasted handling time when completing projects.


What Used/Second Hand equipment is available?

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