Slotblock Barriers and Anglian Water

What are Elite Slotblock Barriers?

Another fantastic hire product, the Elite Slotblock Barrier. A site safety barrier designed and manufactured in the UK with the ability to rotate 90 degrees.

Elite Slotblock Barrier is the only water-filled barrier designed to hold standard 3.5m ‘Heras Style’ fencing panels, which increase site safety, eliminate trip hazards and allow for added stability.

Independently tested by MIRA with a wind resistance of 57 mph, this prevents standard fence panels from blowing over and becoming damaged, in comparison current alternative solutions only have a wind rating of around 18mph.

The Elite Slotblock Barrier is perfect for use by contractors, allowing them to reduce the total working footprint on-site by 500mm against a standard fence block, this makes the system ideal for inner-city projects. These water-filled barriers are available in a standard red and white colour, providing clear demarcation of site entrances and roadways as well as adding corporate identity.

Furthermore, additional safety can be added to the Elite Slotblock Barrier through choosing the option of reflective strips and lights for extra visibility.


Elite Slotblock Barrier and Anglian Water

Previously we have supplied our Elite Slotblock Barriers for a large industry water company ‘Anglian Water’. For this project, 240 Slotblock sets with ‘Heras Style’ Fencing were required for a Hire period of 12 months.

Our Elite Slotblock Barriers were needed to provide additional security and safety whilst works were carried out by Anglian Water, at Boughton Reservoir.

The Water-Filled Barriers were to be placed on top of an embankment 5m above ground level, meaning that the customer required a system with strong wind capabilities.

slotblock barrier-anglian water-2

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