Refund for a customer with the Elite Grass Grids – Outstanding Service

One of our customers recently ordered our Elite Grass Grids and decided that they had ordered too many, therefore they sent some of the Elite Grass Grids back to us and asked for a refund for the extra grass grids which they’d ordered.

The customer was extremely pleased with our service.

“Such a smooth transaction overall. Can’t fault your professionalism and quick response times. Outstanding service and I am very happy with everything you have done for us.

It’s nice to have some companies that care and go out of their way (collecting returns within a small time window).“

Elite Grass Grids are ideal for permanent reinforcement of soft ground, it’s geometric design allows the dispersion and drainage of excess rain and flood water. Once the Elite Grass Grids are installed, they can be filled with a wide range of mixtures including; pea shingle, decorative stone and also soil and grass mix.

For more information, visit the Elite Grass Grid page on our website .

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