The whole nine Yards

Article 2

The wheels were set in motion in January 2021 and our target of 9 weeks to move all of our specialist products into the new Yard, will be achieved as we had scrupulously planned.

Our story continues, as we let you know more about our new 40,000ft2 location and how this will bring the entire team together in one place. It will also allow us to improve the workflow, from customers’ purchase to despatch, to make it even more inline than it currently is.

We have fully transferred the items from the previous Yard and we are now at the stage of completing stock levels for our range of products from Ground Stabilisation & Reinforcement to Temporary Access & Ground Protection, Traffic Management, Specialist Construction and more!

Due to growth of the business and our drive to provide available premium products, the range has expanded year-on-year where we’ve met customers’ needs, and if you weren’t already aware, we have trusted partnerships with the leading manufacturers and suppliers in the industry, which allows us to meet more specific requirements too.

We will be presenting a video based on all of the products that we offer, so take a look out for that in April when we are at the end of our 9 week move.

After that, the final part of our move will take place during the middle of this year 2021, when our headquarters is situated at the same location, with the addition of a custom designed modular office block by KDP Portable Accommodation Services [link to].

A huge amount of praise goes out to those people for the effort, organising and teamwork to make this move possible.
Thank you all.

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