We’re supporting Road Safety Week 2020

We are supporting road safety with the “NO NEED TO SPEED” campaign to encourage safer, healthier ways to travel and empower people to keep themselves and others safe.

Road Safety Week is coordinated by the charity Brake, this week from 16th – 22nd November 2020, to make roads safer for everyone.
Brake’s vision is a world with zero road deaths and serious injuries, where we can all move in a safe and healthy way, as part of our normal day.

Find out how to take part by fundraising for Brake?

You can still promote the theme of safety on UK roads by sharing graphics about speed and the dangers of driving too fast via social media, in your newsletter, or on your website.
The Road Safety Week Action Pack can be downloaded and contains lots of sharable resources to help you spread the message that there is “NO NEED TO SPEED” in your community.

Who are Brake.org.uk?

By choosing Brake as a chosen Charity, you’ll help to show value to people and their welfare.
It’s a great way to unite and motivate employees towards a common cause, so ask your boss or local business.

To find out more for supporting road safety, read the Brake fundraising documents below, email fundraise@brake.org.uk or visit their website at brake.org.uk.

Will you do your bit to help?

Partnerships are a great way to pool resources, raise wider awareness and have a great impact.
Whether you plan some activities, the intent is to get everyone talking about road safety and publicising your activities, even after Monday 16th to Friday 22nd November 2020.
Thank you.