What a cool way to start our move!

Article 1

In mid-January 2021, the aspiration to move the business forward and to a greater level for Elite Ground Support Services Ltd was fulfilled – it was a cool way to start our move.

The growth of our business and in turn our product range and services, has first lead to more employment of specialist staff but also an improved structure to our team. Secondly, we were jubilant that our aim to relocate the entire business to an expansive location had been reached earlier than planned, with further development happening over the next couple of months.

The beginning of our relocation and yard move was presented with an unplanned thick layer of snow and ice, the stock from our current yard in the Cambridgeshire depot had to be moved to the other unit just a few miles down the road however the uninvited weather presented a few challenges.
It was 8am, the team from the yard, fresh faced and warm from coffee and bacon rolls, were ready for the challenge.

[see photos of the day on our Pinterest account]

Due to the large part of our previous yard being outside, moving the stock in the snow could have inflicted the move, the white landscape was a beautiful sight, but we were keen to make sure the arrangements for the day were not going to be ruined for our lads.

Like any situation, teamwork was the victor, although extra caution needed to be taken not to slip and slide, delays with vehicles and plenty of shovelling occurred, perseverance gave us the start we wanted.
A big pat on the back and some thumbs up emoji messages were well deserved.

Our story continues, as we let you know more about our new 40,000ft2 location and how this will enable smoother running of our yard, with product being stored inside and outside, and in one place.
The next part of our development is that the depot will not only be the new base for our yard and operations staff, but in time also become our headquarters with the addition of a new modular office block.

Read more about our move in the next articles on our website and publicity on social media, up until the time we complete the business relocation in February 2021.

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