Why Elite GSS

By understanding why Elite Ground Support Services Ltd is in business, we anticipate that our values are evident in all that we do.

Our commitment to you!
We are committed to our customers, ensuring we provide the best available products along with an outstanding service and code of conduct.

These are demonstrated below with three cornerstones –
Our Vision & Promise, Our Experience and Our Product Range.

why elite gss - understanding

Our Vision & Promise

Our Vision & Promise is to provide premium products that have high reliability, low prices and give high customer satisfaction.

We believe the smallest gestures can go the furthest.

A handshake. A phone call. A kept appointment, and most importantly, the time to listen to what our customers have to say. Some may call it old-fashioned but at Elite GSS Ltd we call it commitment to our customers.

Kris Heard 
Managing Director

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Our Experience

Members of the Elite GSS team have many years combined experience within the industry, which means that we can provide a full service with expertise to our customers.

Not only that, this has also allowed us to maintain innovation within our products, as we actively look at ways to enhance the performance of them through Research & Development and our existing knowledge.

We also work with a global network of distributors, in order that we can go over-and-above expectation with specialist products for customers around the UK and internationally.

why elite gss - our experience

Our Product Range

Our range of Non-mechanical Plant & Equipment products are available for sale or hire. They are ideally suited to specialist construction projects like ground support, stabilisation and reinforcement, traffic management, although they can be used in many other industries as well.

With a variety of finance and payment options, we intend our purchasing process to be straight-forward and maintain high levels of trade for our customers.

Please browse our product range and we aim to provide our customers with products that deliver the highest levels of performance and safety at all times.

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We are a part of the Elite Group of companies

The Elite Group starts at the heart with Elite GSS Ltd, along with MultiMatts and Elite Timber Supplies.

With many construction products and services from Elite GSS, MultiMatts branched out the group with a specific range of matting for ground support, plus solutions for ground reinforcement and stabilisation.
The next natural step was to expand the group through Elite Timber Supplies to supply anything from timber boards and sheets to other building and related items.

Elite GSS Ltd was founded in 2014, MultiMatts Ltd followed in 2017, and then Elite Timber Supplies Ltd in 2021 – who are committed to ensure all products and services meet the ever-changing and demanding conditions within their industries.

elite group of businesses - Elite GSS, MultiMatts and Elite Timber Supplies

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