Fixed Leg Crowd Control Barrier

Our Fixed Leg Crowd Control Barriers are a necessary piece of building equipment that is used to demarcate specific areas of the site or event. 

A durable and cost effective solution to help provide adequate crowd protection, both indoors and outdoors.

The barriers have fixed legs and are made from hard wearing galvanised steel, built to last, and can be powder coated in a variety of colours to meet your project needs.

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The Crowd Contol Barriers can restrict vehicular and public access from the following.

Temporary Access solutions for roadway vehicles Ground Protection trackway Ground Protection solution for public routes Temporary Access solutions for wheelchairs Temporary pedestrian access route


Industries and applications suitable for the Fixed Leg Crowd Control Barrier

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Fixed Leg Crowd Control Barriers for Traffic Management Barriers and Fencing.

Safety is a top priority for Elite GSS Ltd. All products such as the Fixed Leg Crowd Control Barriers are rigorously tested and manufactured to the highest standards to ensure that they offer the utmost security and protection.

They are designed to help control pedestrian traffic flow and confine the public from areas that may be unsafe or restricted. Not only the barriers distinguish safe access areas within a site or event space, but they also offer a solution to control entrances and exits for busy venues and queues.

The Fixed Leg Crowd Control Barriers can be used repeatedly and are a vital piece of equipment, especially at events where visitors require guidance, protection, and peace of mind as they walk around the site.

No accessories or specialist equipment is required, and the system is quick and easy to assemble, therefore reducing time lost at events or on site. The versatility of these barriers are most effective once interlocked, making the line connection strong and, therefore, more challenging to break.

The barriers are available in a standard size and come with the option of corporate branding alongside custom powder coated colours to meet your project requirements. In addition, we have Walkthrough Barriers available that can latch onto the barriers and consequently create a site entrance for workers on foot.



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The barriers are available in one size.
Read the Information Leaflet or Technical/Installation Guide for more specifications.

Size: 2.3m [L] x 1.1m [W] x 38.1mm [D]
Weight: 11Kg
Material: Galvanised Steel
Powder coated also available
Colour: Galvanised or powder coated red/white as standard
Other colours available (subject to minimum order quantity)


No additional connection system is required to join the barriers together.
As an add-on the Walkthrough Barrier can be used to provide pedestrian entry/exit points.

Walkthrough Barrier or Swing Gate Walkthrough barrier add-on Walkthrough barrier with swing gate add-on


We have chosen some key features to show how operational and cost-efficient this product can be.

  • Provides effective crowd protection
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Quick installation and assembly
  • Fixed legs
  • Stackable
  • Simple hook and eye connection

Handling & Storage

Gloves should be worn when handling this product.
We deliver to site in pre-wrapped packs with pallets incorporated and banded with polyester strips, to safely transport and store using mechanical equipment.
This may vary for some products.

Please read our Technical & Installation Guide for further information.

Time and money
Avoid costly errors when
stacking and request our
download our guide to get
top tips on how to best
stack the system. This will
help to limit time delays on
events and site projects.


Waste and Resource Efficiency can often be underestimated when it has been produced on site until the project is complete. To reduce the impacts of a “throwaway culture” and move towards a world with zero waste, the majority of our products can be reused or recycled for other projects, which can lead to increased efficiency and profitability for businesses.

Customise with a company name and contact details through using stickers/banners knowing that it will stand the test of time.

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Connection system

The barriers are easily connected through a simple hook and eye system.

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Delivery Options

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Typical enquiries handled within 1 hour from receiving your call.

Need to knows

We recommend using the barriers on a flat and even surface for optimum performance.

Elite GSS Ltd accepts no liability whatsoever from any damage, loss or injury arising from the installation and ground conditions on which these products are used.

We help to obtain right solution for your purpose

Whether you are unsure this product is right for the job or you need to choose something specific for the purpose, we can often offer additional solutions out of our extensive range.


Information to read when you want

Download our Product Leaflet to show information about the Fixed Leg Crowd Control Barriers and how they’re best used.

Our Technical & Installation Guide provides specification details and explains how to install this solution.

The Elite GSS Ltd Product Brochure includes all of our categories and lists product solutions with details and specifications.

Manufacturer and Supplier

Did you know we manufacture and supply our own products?
Elite GSS Ltd has a Manufacturing Facility based in Oldham, Greater Manchester, that allows for unlimited design possibilities. RBMUK oversee the design and moulding for products from start to finish, manufacturing with exceptionally high standard and the added benefit of low production costs.

What else, we are a reseller of other solutions too with some of the biggest names in the industry. Working closely with those partnerships ensures we can provide premium products for any projects, that have high reliability with best value – all delivered to customer satisfaction.

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Customer Satisfaction

We’ve been providing our customers with premium products for many years, all with our genuine commitment.
We always aim for satisfaction by delivering the most suitable, proficient and cost-effective product or solution for the project.

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