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Elite Grass Grid

The Elite Grass Grid is ideal for the use of permanent reinforcement of soft ground, for the parking of vehicles and the stabilisation of soft earth banks.

A cost effective and environmentally friendly solution for both home owners and contractors. There are three types of Elite Grass Grid to choose from, with weight loadings for light-medium duty ranging from 160 tonnes/m² up to 500 tonnes/m² for heavy duty applications!


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Load Bearings

The Elite Grass Grids can support weights from the following loads (maximum tonnage varies, depending on grid type).

Ground Protection access road for construction site Temporary Access solutions for heavy equipment Ground Protection solution for public transport Temporary Access solutions for roadway vehicles Ground Protection trackway Ground Protection solution for public routes Temporary Access solutions for wheelchairs Temporary pedestrian access route



The Industries and applications suitable for the Elite Grass Grid

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Elite Grass Grid for Ground Reinforcement and Stabilisation.

Elite GSS Ltd presents you with another innovative product… the Elite Grass Grid!
It is a system used to increase the stability of soil and reduce problems of erosion and rainwater runoff, which has a unique ‘Geometric’ design allows the dispersion and drainage of excess rain and flood water, and proven to be an ideal product when integrated into any Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS) in areas prone to flooding.

This solution comes in 3 sized options with ranging weight loadings. It is manufactured from 100% recycled material and features a simple latch design enabling each grid to be connected together quickly and efficiently. The Elite Grass Grids also withstand frost and UV radiation and have a natural stability temperature of around 30°c – 180°c!

As a substitute for paving stones, asphalt and concrete, these grids are a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution for both home owners and contractors. Once installed they can be filled and finished with a choice of mixtures, ranging from pea shingle, decorative stone, or if required a soil and grass mix.
Unlike other products on the market, the Elite Grass Grids open design allows grass to grow both vertically and horizontally.

Additional accessories such as our Elite Grass Grid Edging System can be supplied at an extra cost. This handy component is used to help retain gravel infill and provide a clean aesthetic finish! Our Edging System is often used on driveways and park roads, around flower beds, trees and bushes, and also when laying turf.




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There are three types of Elite Grass Grid to choose from.
Read the Information Leaflet or Technical/Installation Guide for more specifications.

Size: 490mm [L] x 490mm [W] x 40mm [D]
Weight: Type 1: 0.8Kg / Type 2: 1Kg / Type 3: 1.5Kg per grid
Load: Weight tested – Type 1: 160 tonnes / Type 2: 240 tonnes / Type 3: 500 tonnes per square metre
Material: 100% Recycled Material, which is also 100% recyclable
Colour: Green/Grey as standard
Other colours are available (subject to a minimum order quantity)


The Elite Grass Grid Edging System, Bay Markers and Circles can be supplied at an additional cost. Before installation, you will need Anchoring pins and ideally a light vibrating compaction plate. A filtration textile can be used, download our leaflets to find out more.

Elite Grass Grid Edging System, Bay Markers and Circles  Elite Grass Grid Accessories
Geotextile Membrane (non-woven or woven) Geotextile non-woven membrane Geotextile woven membrane


We have chosen some key features to show how operational and cost-efficient this product can be.

  • Approximately 1 tonne of decorative stone is recommended per 15sqm of grids
  • Unique geometric design
  • Excellent water drainage and ideal when integrated into any Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS)
  • Light, Medium and Heavy Duty applications
  • Withstands frost and UV radiation
  • Natural stability temperature 30°C – 180°C
  • 8 connection latches can be secured to the ground with 4 anchoring pins

The Elite Grass Grid is available in three grades for varied ground reinforcement and stabilisation:

  • Type 1: 160 tonnes m2 is suitable for light duty purposes
  • Type 2: 240 tonnes m2 is suitable for medium duty purposes
  • Type 3: 500 tonnes m2 is suitable for heavy duty purposes

The above uses are given as a guide only. We strongly recommend contacting us first with your specific requirements in order to be advised accordingly.

Handling & Storage

Gloves should be worn when handling this product. We deliver to site in pre-wrapped packs with pallets incorporated and banded with polyester strips, to safely transport and store using mechanical equipment. This may vary for some products.

Please read our Technical & Installation Guide for further information.

Made from 100% Recycled
Material, which is also
100% Recyclable.



Materials have been addressed, from how they are supplied and sourced, as well as the environmental impact they may have, to ensure transparency and an ethical supply chain for this sustainable product.

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Delivery Options

Same Day Delivery      Next Day Delivery      Standard 3 Days Delivery
Typical enquiries handled within 1 hour from receiving your call.

Need to knows

To ensure a perfect finish at the end of the project, special care must be taken in the initial ground preparation before the grids are installed. A site survey is also recommended.

The weight load distribution performance of the Elite Grass Grid is subject solely to ground conditions, weight, and the type of vehicle or plant.

*Please note: due to the Elite Grass Grids recycled material, colours can slightly vary between green and grey when produced in large quantities.*


When driving on the grids, do not exceed 5mph.


Elite GSS Ltd accepts no liability whatsoever from any damage, loss or injury arising from the installation, ground conditions or damage to existing ground conditions or property on which these products are used.

We help to obtain right solution for your purpose

Whether you are unsure this product is right for the job or you need to choose something specific for the purpose, we can often offer additional solutions out of our extensive range.


Information to read when you want

Download our Product Leaflet to show information about the Elite Grass Grid and how it is best used.

Our Technical & Installation Guide provides specification details and explains how to install this solution.

The Elite GSS Ltd Product Brochure includes all of our categories and lists product solutions with details and specifications.

Manufacturer and Supplier

Did you know we manufacture and supply our own products?
Elite GSS Ltd has a Manufacturing Facility based in Oldham, Greater Manchester, that allows for unlimited design possibilities. RBMUK oversee the design and moulding for products from start to finish, manufacturing with exceptionally high standard and the added benefit of low production costs.

What else, we are a reseller of other solutions too with some of the biggest names in the industry. Working closely with those partnerships ensures we can provide premium products for any projects, that have high reliability with best value – all delivered to customer satisfaction.

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Customer Satisfaction

We’ve been providing our customers with premium products for many years, all with our genuine commitment.
We always aim for satisfaction by delivering the most suitable, proficient and cost-effective product or solution for the project.

Contact our office and a member of our team will be happy to deal with your enquiry.

Interested to find out about our customer relationships?
Read a Case Study about our Elite Grass Grids used on a film set.