Safe Site Matting used in true British style at Blenheim Palace

Blenheim Palace recently contacted us in regards to a fantastic project which involved supplying over 2,000 Temporary Access Mats. In this case our Safe Site Matting was chosen as the most suitable product.

Our Safe Site Matting was required for a hire period of 6 weeks and was used in conjunction with an art exhibition which was to be taking place at Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire.

With a unique tongue and groove connection design, Safe Site Matting allows easy installation by a single person. Not only that, they can also be placed on top of almost any type of flat surface allowing access for pedestrians and lightweight vehicles.

Blenheim Palace Installation

To complete the project within the desired time frame, Elite GSS Ltd’s installation team worked alongside workers from Blenheim Palace to ensure all matting was laid and installed in 24 hours.

This project was for no regular temporary pedestrian walkway; instead these were used in true British style!

Blenheim Palace had organised the creation of fabric material in the pattern of union jacks used to lay on top of and secured to the mats. This provided the perfect finish as the fabric gave the mats a unique and vibrant appearance.

The outcome


Not only did this provide Blenheim Palace with the temporary pedestrian walkway that they required but also provided them with additional safety for pedestrians.

With pedestrian safety in mind, Blenheim also decided to use the optional ramped edges.

With this, a non-trip solution was implemented, ensuring the safety for pedestrians and the public, but also enabling use with wheelchairs and buggies!

This just goes to show what variety of industries our temporary access mats can be used for!

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